Frequently Asked Questions


how Does a clean carpet BENEFIT you?

Getting your carpets cleaned by a professional company such Ducks Carpet Cleaning can help ensure all the dirt, debris and other particles are pulled from your carpet, giving it a deeper clean, look and feel in addition to the many health benefits.


How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

As a general rule, professional carpet cleaning by a certified firm should take place about once per year. For heavy traffic areas, cleaning may be required more often. Many stain resist warranties actually require regular professional cleanings


Can pet odors be completely eliminated from my carpets?

Though we have a high success rate of removing light to moderate pet odor issues, we cannot guarantee that extreme pet damage can be completely eliminated with Hot Water Extraction. If urine has soaked into the carpet padding or sub flooring (i.e. if a pet has gone in the same spot over and over again for a long time), it may need to be completely replaced to eliminate the foul smell.